Date 29 April 2015
Pages 36
Format cm 31 x 26
Price € 12.70
EAN 9782211223003
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Dad on the Moon

Author Adrien Albert
COLLECTION Album de L'école des loisirs
Category Children's Books
Age 3-66-9
It might be a bit tiring, but it can be pretty great having two homes.

Today Mona is going to visit her dad on the Moon. "Hurry! Dad's waiting for you," says Mom. It’s a bit far and the trip requires some organizing, but Mona has got the hang of it now. Rocket, ship, and capsule are waiting in the yard. And they’re off! After a magical voyage through space, Mona lands on the moon and jumps into her father’s arms. They observe the stars through the refracting telescope and collect Moon rocks, but they also eat, play, and sleep, like on Earth. Some children will see only a story of a little girl visiting her astronaut father, others will see a metaphor for joint custody, when a child divides their life between the two homes of their separated parents. To go from one to the other is like changing planet! An impression that many children of divorced parents may be familiar with.

  • Sales in France 30,000 copies
  • Rights Sold China, South Korea, Italy
  • 30,000 copies sold
  • Selected for the prestigious IBBY honor list 2016
  • As of: June 2021