Date 24 October 2015
Pages 38
Format cm 30 x 23
Price € 13.00
EAN 9782350671185
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Island in the Rain

Publisher Balivernes
Category Children's Books
Age 6-9
Instead of rejecting others, let's learn to learn from our differences!

Once upon a time, there was an island where it rained all the time. The cats who lived there were all well-bred, with fine manners, and above all, they never let themselves get wet. But one day, a cat who was very different came to the island: he had no umbrella, ate his fish raw, and deliberately jumped in puddles to make a splash. After trying to teach him to be just like them, the other cats gave up and chased him from their island. But when the floods came, it was he who rushed to rescue them, for he alone knew how to swim. Then they realized that the differences between us make us all stronger, and there is much to be learned from others, even when they come from far away.

  • Rights Sold German, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Russian
  • Awards Prix du Hérisson 2016-2017 des Bibliothèques du Cher (Catégorie 4-6 ans), Prix du meilleur album jeunesse au Salon du livre de Civrieux 2016
  • As of: May 2021