Date 19 August 2020
Pages 326
Format cm 14 x 22
Price € 19.50
EAN 9782702163238
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The Lights Of Oujda

Publisher Calmann-Lévy
COLLECTION Littérature
A luminous, polyphonic chorale saga set between Africa and Europe, of lives intertwined in a tapestry of dreams of elsewhere.

Is coming back home failing? Is staying abroad fading from memory? After trying to resettle in Europe, falling in love in Rome, and being sent to prison, the hero of this story is forced to return to Douala, Cameroon. What now? Now is the time to make a difference. To change his path. And help others. Alongside Imane and Father Antoine, help all those ready to leave for “cemeteries of sand and water." Help those who dream of a better life but risk losing theirs along the way. With his unique style and voice, Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe breaks down the genre barriers, navigating between the novel, memoir, and poetry with surprising ease.

  • Rights Sold Castilian
  • Awards Prix littéraire des Rotary clubs de langue française 2020
  • As of: May 2021