Date 05 September 2019
Pages 254
Format cm 20 x 27
Price € 29.00
EAN 9782732488226
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Chefs from All Over

Travel Around the World with Recipes from Refugee Chefs
Publisher La Martinière
Category Practical Books
Keywords Cooking - Well-being
Age All Ages
70 recipes, 5 talented chefs from all around the world, and an activist caterer and restaurateur.

Travel around the world in these 70 recipes from Syria to Chechnya to Ethiopia, Nepal, and Iran – the five main countries this book focuses on. Sharing and caring have always been values central to the organization Les Cuistots Migrateurs, and this book upholds that mission through the exchanges it depicts: culinary, cultural, and also human. A book about unity, movement, and putting an end to prejudice against refugees.