Date 22 May 2019
Pages 142
Format cm 13 x 18
Price € 5.20
EAN 9782081488267
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Brothers in Exile

Category Children's Books
Keywords Greed
Age 9-1212-15
A family leave their island for a better future. They have a long journey ahead…

Set on a fictional island similar to Polynesia, this novel gives the reader a realistic view of such contemporary environmental concerns as global warming and economic decline, which result in immigration, exile, and in some cases, solidarity. When a storm floods their island, Nani’s family leaves for the continent. His grandfather, Enoha, decides to stay behind. Before Nani leaves, Enoha entrusts him with letters that tell his story. A long journey begins for Nanin, during which he meets Semeio, another a little boy on his own, and their fates become forever entwined.