Date 08 February 2019
Pages 47
Format cm 17 x 23
Price € 9.50
EAN 9782215168966
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Migrants and Refugees: Who Are They?

Everything You've Been Wondering About Migrancy Worldwide
Publisher Fleurus
COLLECTION Petites et grandes questions
Category Children's Books
Age 6-9
Migrants, refugees, illegal immigrants… a book to understand the news and change our perception of "the others".

How long have migrants been around? Are climate refugees a real thing? What is persecution? What is the purpose of the right of asylum? Do children migrate too? What is an international border? This handy book helps us understand news about migrants, refugees, and illegal immigrants, in order to fight misconceptions and prejudices and change our perception of "others." Written by Bérangère Taxil, a Professor of International law who specializes in refugee law, and Émilie Lenain, a legal expert specializing in laws that concern foreigners.

  • Sales in France 5,000 copies
  • Rights Sold Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Vietnamese
  • Awards YA Award from the City of Tours, 2020, "Current Events" category
  • As of: May 2021