Date 07 January 2021
Pages 128
Format cm 14 x 21
Price € 12.50
EAN 9782072904240
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The People Smuggler

Publisher Gallimard
Through the intertwined stories of migrants and their executioner, Stéphanie Coste paints a panormama of history and a maimed continent.

When you've made "hope your stock-in-trade," as Seyoum cynically puts it, and become one of the biggest human smugglers on the Libyan coast, your brain consumed by khat and drink, do you have a shred of humanity left? That is the question when the nth convoy of migrants desperate to cross over shows up. But with them, his past suddenly comes back to him: a family destroyed by the Eritrean dictatorship, conscription into Sawa training camp, scenes of torture, escape, imprisonment, and lost love…

  • Sales in France 6,000 copies
  • Awards Prix de la Closerie des Lilas
  • As of: May 2021