Date 13 January 2021
Pages 32
Format cm 20 x 24
Price € 11.00
EAN 9782344045817
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The Wee Monsieur

Publisher Glénat
Category Children's Books
Keywords Well-being
Age 6-9
A modern tale about immigrants and people helping each other that will encourage readers young and old alike to reflect on its message.

In a big house by the sea, an old man lives alone. He leads a quiet, tidy life without surprises. One day, a boat full of refugees lands at the village beach, an event that worries locals, forced to take in the newcomers. Who are these foreigners and what will become of them? On a whim, the little man offers to host one of the families in distress. A simple "yes" that turns his life and everyone else's upside down…

  • Adaptations TV series Pompon Bear on French TV since 2020.
  • As of: May 2021