Date 06 April 2017
Pages 182
Format cm 20 x 26
Price € 17.00
EAN 9782749154008
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Looking Good, Eating Well

Publisher Le Cherche Midi
Keywords Food - Playground
Thanks to scientific studies, we now know that food has repercussions on our looks, just like humor and feeling good about ourselves.

Food affects how we look. That's no miracle method, much less a diet, but a lifestyle mantra that promotes healthy eating to ensure the complexion of your dreams and the smile to go with it.
Offering a plethora of tips and recommendations for nutrition that brings well-being and beauty, these delicious, quick, and easy recipes--including vegan walnut tartare, quinoa risotto, guarana smoothies, and even a tasty (and healthy) chocolate mousse--this original and valuable book will help you learn good daily eating habits, reconciling pleasure and health so you can maintain your natural capital: your looks.