Date 10 March 2022
Pages 189
Format cm 15 x 22
Price € 18.90
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Serving the World

The Path of Spiritual Environmentalism
Publisher Tana
COLLECTION Le temps des imaginaires
Category Practical Books
Age All Ages
This book opens up new horizons for understanding our environmental crisis and discusses the deep causes of our paralysis and refusal to take action.

We all think we understand the stakes of the environmental crisis we face, yet we fail to profoundly transform our lifestyles as needed. Mathieu Labonne offers an introspective, spiritual approach that goes beyond the political, economical, and technological reasons usually given for this failure. Our crisis is in fact deeply rooted in our civilization's foundational yet illusory promise, in which happiness is subject to the satisfaction of desire. Our relationship with the world could use some work! First, let's stop remaking the world to suit our needs. Instead, we should accept its limitations and understand that we are not separate from it but instead, bound to all living things.