EAN 9782258202405

Where the Wind Murmurs

COLLECTION Terres de France
A long night brings back memories for Gabin and Solange. Separated by sickness and many years of living apart, will they have a chance at reuniting?

Gabin, an elderly man with Alzheimer's, remembers being in love. One winter's night, Solange falls down the stairs at her home. Waiting for dawn, she sees, passing before her eyes, the life she's spent on a farm in the Haut-Jura with her brother. Their father forbade them to marry so as to keep the land in the family. They obeyed, but after his death, Solange went and joined Gabin. To keep the cold at bay, Solange kindles the flame of memory: her mother, who died in an accident; Gabin, whom she met the summer she was 15… Meanwhile, gathering the fragments of his own memory, Gabin recalls Solange and her farm. Quick! He must go to her before he forgets. Before it's too late...