Date 28 May 2020
Pages 267
Format cm 14 x 22
Price € 16.00
EAN 9782749162591
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Love Always Finds a Way

Author Sonia Dagotor
Publisher Le Cherche Midi
Three women. Three generations. Three love stories.

Daughter Justine, mother Catherine, and grandmother Liliane are together, which means stormclouds on the horizon. Liliane, usually so jovial, seems anxious and tired. Why is she so worried? Catherine runs a tight ship at home, but her mind is elsewhere, obsessed with a coworker. Dare she betray her husband and her principles? How will she ever be able to look anyone in the eye again—especially her dreaded mother? Justine isn't sure about anything anymore, especially whether she loves her man Benjamin. Will she ever get along with her oh-so-distant mother? And what's Grandma Liliane hiding, anyway? Justine will do anything to find out. What if all three women need each other to love, forgive, and move forward?

  • Sales in France 15,000 copies
  • Adaptations Audiobook
  • As of: December 2023