Date 20 October 2022
Pages 183
Format cm 15 x 21
Price € 18.00
EAN 9782749175430
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Listening and Confidence for Better Entrepreneurship

Publisher Le Cherche Midi
GENRE Business
A must-read before starting your business!

The digital transition has made businesses so fast-paced that entrepreneurs no longer have time to make mistakes. They need all the advice they can get to help avoid missteps. That means listening before diving in headfirst and taking risks. Thierry Mauvernay focuses on the actions and values essential to successful projects: listening, but also seeing and planning for the long term.
The book is a penetrating analysis, ably supported with success stories from Apple, Starbucks, Facebook, Google, Spotify, Netflix, and Tesla. it presents a different perspective from the usual books on entrepreneurship: part philosophy, part in-depth exploration of business behaviors.