Date 12 January 2022
Pages 284
Format cm 14 x 21
Price € 20.00
EAN 9782080206169

Fickle Star

Publisher Flammarion
A spirited novel where fantasy and history vie for the truth.

March, 1760: Louis XV's astronomer Guillaume le Gentil de la Galaisière sets sail for the Indies to witness the rare transit of Venus. His mission? To take unprecedented measurements that will revolutionize his era and cement his fame. Despite his stubbornness and indefatigable faith in science, he returns empty-handed eleven years later to find he has been declared legally dead.
In the present day, shy, lonely realtor Xavier Lemercier tries to obtain the telescope of the unlucky astronomer from the distant past, whom he thinks of as a kindred spirit.
Restoring the honor of the king's astronomer in the year Venus is slated to make another solar transit is a chance for Xavier to find love—that is, if Venus will so wishes...