Date 04 March 2020
Pages 187
Format cm 15 x 22
Price € 15.90
EAN 9782278098293
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Two Flowers in Winter

Publisher Didier Jeunesse
Category Children's Books
Age 12-15
When Violette, a bitter nursing home resident, and Capucine, a caregiver with eccentric wigs, arrive at the Bel Air, everything is turned upside down!

This is the story of two "flowers." First, there is Capucine, a young girl who loves funny wigs and dreams of becoming a caregiver for the elderly. From the very first days of her placement at the Bel Air, the pace of work is hellish, the staff and the "little old people" are under pressure, but nothing dampens her spirit and drive. As for Violet, she's a new resident who's downright bitter about leaving her house and beloved cat behind to spend the rest of her life in this nursing home. They each have wounds, secrets. And something in these two flowers, battered by life, could well be reborn from their sparkling encounter...

  • Sales in France 8,000 copies
  • Rights Sold Korea, Italy, Romania, Russia
  • Awards Prix Chronos de littérature 2021 (catégorie 4e/3e)
  • As of: December 2023