Date 04 October 2023
Pages 521
Format cm 14 x 22
Price € 21.90
EAN 9782702187531
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Where Soulmates Hide

Author Nathalie Hug
Publisher Calmann-Lévy
This romantic comedy, set in the depths of wintry Scotland, pays subtle tribute to Jane Austen.

After a medical error that cost a child’s life, Doctor Josephine Granger seeks refuge on an island off the Scottish coast. She is offered a housekeeping job at the castle of one Lord MacLaine, a dark and tortured man. When Josephine and MacLaine meet, it’s love at first sight. But MacLaine is still grieving the death of his only daughter, pretending the child is still alive and pushing away anyone who tries to make him accept reality. Little by little, Josephine manages to touch his heart and help him rediscover his love for life. In return, Edward teaches her to overcome her fears and confront her tyrannical father. A novel about resilience and the power of love, set in breathtaking surroundings.