Date 24 May 2023
Pages 254
Format cm 14 x 22
Price € 16.20
EAN 9791035206345

Ah, Hell!

Publisher Thierry Magnier
COLLECTION Grands romans
Category Children's Books
Age 12-15
Landing in Paris after his dad's murder, Connecticut high-schooler Alex must get used to a new culture very different from his own.

"Ah, hell!" Among the few words Alex's father uttered before being brutally murdered in a Connecticut mall parking lot. Overnight, the teenager finds himself in a much-hated City of Lights: a uncle as friendly as a prison warden, an incomprehensible language, a depressing school. Good thing he find a colorful French teacher and honest friends to help him conduct an investigation, uncover family secrets, and get used to a new culture.
With devastating humor and an eye sharp as ever, Susie Morgenstern delivers a shocking and elating novel.