Date 04 March 2021
Pages 431
Format cm 14 x 21
Price € 16.00
EAN 9782212574999
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A Heart Packed Like Sardines

Author Karen Merran
Publisher Eyrolles
COLLECTION Pop' littérature
Keywords Friendship - Morroco - Date
A tender, powerful novel about difference, war, exile, and the innocence of childhood.

1967: eight-year-old Jacob lives in Safi, a small coastal town in Morocco redolent of spices and sardines. His best friend is Brahim. They play jacks and share everything. One may be Jewish and the other Muslim, but they are Moroccans first and foremost. But on the eve of the Six-Day War, relations between Israel and Arab nations grow tense. Though the conflict is thousands of miles away, the atmosphere in Safi deteriorates as well. Will the friendship between Brahim and Jacob withstand the enmity between their respective communities?

  • Sales in France 1,500 copies
  • As of: May 2021