Publisher Marabout
Publication Date 16 November 2022

Practical Books


With Let’s Eat Paris!, a follow up to the success of Let’s Eat France! and Let’s Eat Italy!, François-Régis Gaudry and his 148 contributors have created an extensive and energetically designed guide to the food and culinary culture of Paris, one of the most romantic and delicious cities in the world!

What does architecture have to do with French cuisine? What’s Parisian about the “flan parisien”? What was Simone de Beauvoir’s favorite restaurant? And how can the humble potato be turned into something spectacular? In Let’s Eat Paris!, François-Régis Gaudry answers all the questions one might have about gastronomy in Paris in a comprehensive and visually stimulating way. Following his radio program on France Inter and books about French and Italian cuisine, he now wanted to focus on his hometown where he has been a food writer for more than 20 years and where he knows all the best bakeries, cafés and restaurants.

Despite presenting over 2,000 addresses of restaurants and food shops, Let’s Eat Paris! is not only a gastronomic guide. In order to create an almanac featured around food, the book also includes an instruction manual of everything there is to know to enjoy food in Paris, an encyclopedia of 255 places, people and historical events that have shaped Parisian gastronomy, a compilation of 88 classic Parisian recipes and an inventory of all local products found in and around Paris.

By combining extensive historical and contemporary information with a creative design, Let’s Eat Paris! has elated all French and Francophile foodies. “One of the best reactions has been from Parisians learning so much about the city that they thought they knew so well. The reaction in France was unprecedented, everyone loves and has supported the book beyond anyone’s expectation”, states Pixie Shields, International Rights Director of Marabout. More than 100,000 copies have been sold to date in France.

Foreign publishers were also quickly seduced by the smaller format of the book and the focus on a city known for its high-quality gastronomy and incredible food culture. According to Pixie Shields, “the fact the previous books in the series have done so well in so many large and small markets combined with the phenomenal sales in France (700,000 copies) is a very convincing argument.” Rights have been sold in English, German, Polish, complex Chinese and Korean. The first international editions will be published in fall 2023 and there is ongoing interest and negotiation in other markets.

Pixie Shield, interview by Hannah Sandvoss
May 2023